Heavyguard/ TOA Mutiprime Canvas Grey

HEAVYGUARD/ TOA MULTIPRIME CANVAS GREY is a one-pack fast drying modified epoxy based etching primer formulated for application over galvanized iron, aluminium, cold roll steel and stainless steel. It has excellent adhesion and anti- corrosion properties to most common metals and compatible with a wide range of topcoats such as alkyds, acrylics, polyurethane and chlorinated rubber paints.



Product Usage

MULTIPRIME is used as an adhesion promoter primer over non-ferrous metal steelwork and galvanized steelwork to provide a platform for the subsequent topcoats. It can also be used for direct application to metal or plastic parts as either primer or topcoat for mild service conditions.

Application Details

Application methods: Brush, roller or air spray
Mixing Ratio (by volume): The paint is ready for use after thorough stirring. For conventional air spray, 30% thinning is recommended
Thinner / Cleaner: Thinner MP
Dry to Touch: 5 to 10 minutes
Dry to Overcoat: 2 hours (maximum indefinite)
Theoretical Spreading Rate: 8 – 9 m2 / Litre
Recommended Dry Film Thickness (dft): 12 – 15μ

Surface Preparation

Galvanized Iron / Stainless Steel / Aluminium
Solvent wipe the surface to be painted with suitable degreasing agent to remove oil, grease or other contaminants such as ‘white rust / zinc salts’, etc.
Touch up the aged/spot rusted galvanized iron with TOA Rust Tech or cold galvanizing compound and ensure the surface is dry and clean before painting.
Ensure all stainless steel, aluminium, etc surfaces are free from dirt, dust, oil, grease or other contaminants prior to application of following paints.