ROADLINE paint is a high performance alkyd modified reflective and non- reflective road marking paint with excellent durability and obliterating power. It is applicable on bitumen or asphalt surfaces. It is suitable for use for both interior and exterior and is used normally for car park markings, directional arrows markings, lot numberings and divider line markings.



Product Usage

ROAD LINE PAINT is used as self priming and finishing coat for bitumen or asphalt surfaces. It is suitable for both interior and exterior uses such as car park marking, directional arrow marking, lot numbering, divider line marking, etc.

Application Details

Application methods: Brush or roller
Mixing Ratio (by volume): The paint is ready for use after thorough stirring. For conventional air spray, 30% thinning is recommended
Thinner / Cleaner: Pegasol / Solvesso
Dry to Touch: 20 to 30 minutes
Dry to Overcoat: 1 hour (maximum indefinite)
Practical Spreading Rate 8 – 9 m2 / Litre
Recommended Dry Film Thickness (dft) 50 – 60μ

Surface Preparation

Surface must be sound, clean, dry and free from all defective or poor adhering dirt. Rubbish, dust, sand, etc