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Primer paint is very important when painting a house. You can choose the most expensive topcoat paint with the most beautiful colour, but if you haven’t applied a layer of primer before painting on your topcoat paint your house will not look as beautiful as you thought it would be. Let’s take a look at the importance of primers and how to match the different primers with topcoat paints.

Here are 3 reasons why is primer important? Then you will never overlook it again.

1. Primer helps with adhesion.

As important as glue on paper, they cannot be separated. Primer has an important component, which is glue. It’s like applying glue to a piece of paper to stick it to the surface. If the primer is not used then the topcoat will not bond well to the wall surface of the house and there is a chance that the paint will peel off over time.

2. Primer is as important as a bodyguard. Helps prevent alkalization

Usually, the bricks and cement used to build a house will emit alkaline through the surface. One of the important functions of the primer is to prevent the alkaline in the cement to be in contact directly with the topcoat paint. If the primer is not used as the first layer, the painted walls may have a salt alkaline stain and may need to be repainted.

3. Primer helps to save on topcoat paint.

Applying primer on a porous surface like cement walls before painting the topcoat paint will reduce the ability of the porous surface to absorb too much of the top coat paint. As a result, the topcoat paint applied can have wider coverage and only required 2 to 3 coats of paint and indirectly saves you money.

Generally, we know that there are two colors of ceiling paints that are normally used i.e; white and smoke gray, sometimes it might be difficult to decide which colour that we should select. If you still have trouble deciding, come let us help you in deciding which colours best suit your needs.

To look wide and comfortable?

Select the white ceiling paint. The white ceiling paint can help widen the room, which is suitable for minimal and clean decoration styles, especially for the bedroom, working room, and children’s room.

To look peaceful and relaxed?

Select the smoke gray ceiling paint. The smoke gray ceiling paint can help make the room to be peaceful and relaxing, which is suitable for the rooms that need concentration such as reading room, bedroom, or prayer room.

Deciding on the color of the paint is not difficult but to ensure the paint colour could last a long time is quite a challenge especially for exterior walls. Most exterior walls faces problems such as peeling, bulging, fading over time and etc. Repainting it too often will also incurred high cost. So let us share with you some tips in choosing the right exteiror paint that last longer and make your home beautiful while it is easy on your pocket.

Undertand your house

In order to choose the right product that is most suitable for your house, TOA has divided houses into 4 main groups for an effective painting system:

  1. A new house that has never been painted before.
  2. Old house that are 20-30 years old or more.
  3. A house located in an area with high humidity.
  4. A house located in a hot climate area.

1. Best exterior paint  for a new houses

TOA Paint highly recommends TOA SuperShield exterior acrylic paint that falls under our Ultra Premium category. It is suitable to be painted on new houses because of its special feature called “Ti-Pure” – Titanium Triple Protection; a special nano-titanium that has been coated up to 3 layers that protects your home from all weather conditions. Whether it’s the sun, the sea, the rain or storm. It also has a 15 years durability protection.

2. Exterior house paint for old houses (20-30 years or more)

The important thing that should be noted before painting the exterior of an old house aged 20-30 years or more is the condition of the cement surface. This is very important if the house is faced with constant harsh climate. Constant exposure to the sun, sea vapor or wind and rain will caused the cement surface to deteriorate faster. The surface preparation for an old house is very important because if the walls are not prep properly, the walls may faced with discolouration, chalking or blistering, over time. The use of exterior primer such as TOA Wallsila 900 is crucial for better protection.

3. Exterior house paint for houses in area with high humidity

Houses with high humidity is something that can’t be avoided. The occurrence of moisture that comes from the ground below, pushing up to the bottom of the house and through the walls will create unwanted moisture. This occurance can be prevented with the use of our construction chemicals products i.e; TOA Moisture Guard. Just apply it to the lower portion of the walls before starting the normal painting system. TOA Moisture Guard protects the house to be more resistant to moisture, helps extend the life of the topcoat paint  and also prevents the color film from splitting and gradually falling off at a later stage.

4. Exterior house paint for houses in hot climate area

TOA Paint highly recommends TOA SuperShield with heat reflection technology and excellent energy savings. It has a heat reflecting properties of up to 96.7% and can be used in tandem with the TOA primer and sealer for maximum results.

Firstly, we need to know the type of wood; is it real wood or wood cladding/ fibre cement wood. Next, we need to choose the finishing that we want. For this article, let’s focus on painting on wooden walls first.

There are 2 types of wood paint colours:

1. Translucent wood paint

When applied, it will help to make the wood look more beautiful by showing off the wood grain patterns. If applied multiple times, the colour will become darker but it will not cover the wood grain patterns of the existing wood.

For a better effect and finishing, we highly recommend TOA WoodStain. It is available in gloss and matt finishing and can be used for interior and exterior surfaces. In addition, TOA WoodStain also has the ability to stretch or shrink according to the contraction of the wood. The film does not crack, does not blister, does not peel, and is easy to wipe clean. It also protects the wood surfaces against mold, weevils, termites and wood-eating insects. It is also free from harmful heavy metals such as lead and mercury.

2. Opaque wood paint (Enamel Paint)

When applied, the wood changes to other colours such as white colour, green colour, blue colour, etc. When applied, the paint will cover the wood grain. but may still be able to feel the texture of that wood grain.

For a better finishing, we highly recommend TOA Glipton high gloss. It is available in gloss finishing and can be used for interior and exterior surfaces. In addition, TOA Glipton also has super high gloss retention, excellent coverage and levelling and has anti fungus properties. It is also free from harmful heavy metals such as lead and mercury. It is also Sirim certified for your piece of mind.

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