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TOA Paint Thailand Co., Ltd

TOA Paint (Thailand) Co., Ltd is the largest decorative paint manufacturer in South East Asia and exporter of premium paint products including decorative paint, heavy paint, wood coating, protective coating, marine coating, chemical construction, aerosol spray and abrasive product. TOA is the leader of innovative and decorative paint manufacturer in South East Asia who offer and supply a variety of demand by a plenty innovative painting solution system in both household and industrial market.

Company Milestone

More than 40 years of paint business, our products continue to gain an increasing share of the highly competitive in both international market and domestic sales due to our premium product quality and high service level. With high standard and strong product portfolio, TOA has been growing faster than the industry average. We draw our strengths from the new products, best-managed behavior, and also strong sales force. During the past ten year, TOA has expanded its business to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia and Middle East Zone.

The Beginning
A small hardware retail was set up with an initial investment of 120,000 baht, derived from family support.
Production Started
Started production of shellac, wood coatings, lacquers and solvents under "SHARK" brand.
The Establishment

Established TOA Paint (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and a first production plant in Samrong, using a production process based on technology from Japan. The company's own R&D operation was set up in this same year.

Success Story

Was the first paint manufacturer who successfully introduced emulsion paint with lead & mercury-free product formulations in Thailand

The Achievement

TOA achieved the biggest decorative paints market share in Thailand. Since then, the company was recognised as the outstanding market leader in the field.

New 'Acrylic Technology' Development

TOA successfully developed new 'Acrylic Technology' to replace PVAc Latex paint and toxic chlorinated rubber paint. (CR) through the launch of SuperShield with technology support from USA.

Established TOA Chemicals Industries CO., Ltd

Established TOA Chemicals Industries CO., Ltd. On Band Na-Trad Road, KM. 23, to product resins industrial coatings. The factory was the largest and equipped with the most modern facility in Asia.

Production Facility Expansion

Despite the country’s economic crisis and baht devaluation, TOA expanded its new production facility into Bangna Complex. This is the significant milestone of TOA’s history as this new production facility was thee largest and most modern in Asia at that time.

Joint Venture between TOA and Sankyo Rikagaku

TOA-Sankyo Industries Co., Ltd., a joint venture between TOA and Sankyo Rikagaku was established to manufacture abrasive paper products.

Founded TOA-Dovechem Industries Co., Ltd.

Founded TOA-Dovechem Industries Co., Ltd. to produce high-quality urea-formaldehyde glue for the wood and particleboard industries.

Formed TOA-Chugoku Paint Co., Ltd

Formed TOA-Chugoku Paint Co., Ltd a joint venture between TOA and Chugoku Marine Paint Co., Ltd. of Japan, a well-known producer of marine and container coatings.

Formed TOA-Shinto (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

TOA-Shinto (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was formed with thee cooperation of Shinto Paint Co., Ltd. - a subsidiary of Sumitomo Chemicals of Japan - to produce and supply advanced AED coatings for the aluminium industry and CED coatings for automotive industry.

Cooperated with Yamamoto of Japan

Cooperated with Yamamoto of Japan to develop high-quality Architectural Coatings.

Business Expansion

Expanded paint business to:
TOA Paint (Vietnam) Co., Ltd

TOA Paint (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
TOA Coating Sdn Bhd
TOA Paint Product Sdn Bhd.

Established Thai Polyacetal Co., Ltd & Sherwood Chemical Public Co.,Ltd.

Established Thai Polyacetal Co., Ltd. as a joint venture between TOA and Mitsubishi Gas Corporation of Japan aim to produces and supplies polyacetal resin and compound as high-quality engineering plastic.

Established Sherwood Chemical Public Co.,Ltd. to produce and market Shelldrite products.

Established Thai Polycarbonate Co.,Ltd. & Saint-Gobain Sekurit (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Established Thai Polycarbonate Co.,Ltd., a joint venture between TOA and Mitsubishi Engineering Plastic of Japan to manufacture and supply polycarbonate resin and compound as high-quality engineering plastic.

Established Saint-Gobain Sekurit (Thailand) Co.,Ltd., a joint venture between TOA and Sekurit Saint-Gobain of France, Europe's largest manufacturer of automotive glass.

Launched TOA COLOR WORLD, the computerized color mixing system which has been proved to be the most convenient service system among TOA's client.
Launched a new elastomeric TOA 71N1 true elastic paint feature
TOA launched a new elastomeric TOA 71N1 true elastic paint feature to effective building tructures protection.
Launched SuperShield DURACLEAN
TOA launched SuperShield DURACLEAN, the first interior paint with Microban technology which is specially designed for exceptional anti-bacteria resistant properties and easy to clean with superior acrylic resin technology from USA.
Series of Events

Received the "Superbrands Award" of Superbrands International Institute of the U.K.

TOA launched SuperShield ALL to provide total solutions for interior decoration and create new interior paint milestone.

Operated a new production line of Construction Chemicals to fulfill all of customer's requirement, as "One Stop Service"

Launched the most superior polyurethane under the name "SuperShield Polyurethane".

Signed JV agreement with ISAMU Paint Co., Ltd., Japan

TOA Paint (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Signed JV agreement with ISAMU Paint Co., Ltd., Japan, to establish TOA-ISM Auto Refinish Paint co., Ltd. On July 3, 2007.

The newly set up company manufactures full system of product lines in Auto Refinish Paint, named TOA Matrix.

TOA has marketed its no. 1 decorative paint brand in Thailand once again with the launch of TOA Shield-I Nano Silicone. cooperation-laboratory with Wager Chemie A.G. resulted in "Protective Hybrid Technology". Surface with Silicone paint repels both dirt and water while a smooth surface of FluoroCarbon contains stain-repellent property. Plus an easy to remove stain function.

Established TOA Paint (LAOS) Co.,Ltd.
TOA established TOA Paint (LAOS) Co.,Ltd. in VEINTIANE to support construction project in LAOS and BARDEE Trade
Introduced new TOA Extrashield & water-borne wood Coating system woodstain

TOA has recently introduced new TOA Extrashield, a high performance 100% pure acrylic paint with Silicone resin. Being formulated with "Wet Surface Coating Technology" Breathable film with 3 times moisture resistance than normal paint.

TOA has introduced water-borne wood Coating system woodstain, Industrial lacquer Polyurethane.

Released the new tride Titanium Technology in new SuperShieId Titanium
TOA has released the new tride Titanium Technology in new SuperShieId Titanium, extending the protection warranty to 15 years.

Currently, TOA Group has four main business lines which are active in both local and international market, namely:





TOA Paint Thailand Achievements

2021 Thailand’s most Admired Brand (for 10 consecutive years) – Brand Age
2021 No.1 Brand Thailand (9 consecutive years) – Marketeer
World class standard No.1 Supershield, Thailand.
2013 Readers Digest Trusted Brand Award, Thailand
2004 Superbrands, Thailand

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