Glipton Undercoat

GLIPTON UNDERCOAT is a solvent based, premium quality alkyd based undercoat. It has excellent opacity and easy for sanding, thus providing a sound and fine intermediate layer for topcoats.



Product Usage

GLIPTON UNDERCOAT is suitable for use as intermediate build coat on properly primed interior and exterior metal and wood surfaces.

Application Details

Application methods: Brush, roller, air spray or airless spray
Mixing Ratio (by volume): The paint is ready for use after thorough stirring. For conventional air spray, 30% thinning with white spirit is recommended
Thinner / Cleaner: White Spirit
Dry to Touch: 30 min., depending on ambient temperature
Dry to Overcoat: 2 hours
Spreading Rate: 9 – 11 m2 / Litre
Wet Film Thickness: 90 – 100μ
Dry Film Thickness:45 – 51μ

Surface Preparation

New Ferrous Metal / Wood
Surface generally must be clean, dry and free from oil, dirt, wax grease or other contaminants. Steel surface shall be wire-brushed or power-tooled cleaning to remove rust to a minimum Swedish Standard ST3 and primed with appropriate anti-corrosion primer. Wood surface shall be sand down and primed with TOA Aluminium Wood Primer prior to application of undercoat.

Previously Painted Ferrous Metal / Wood
Previously painted surface should be thoroughly rubbed down using suitable sandpaper and then dusted off. For rusty metal, wire-brush or power-tool cleaning to a minimum Swedish Standard ST3 is highly recommended and primed with appropriate anti-corrosion primer. For wooden surface, fill any surface imperfection with suitable wood putty and sand down before application of undercoat.