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TOA Paint, the No.1 paint brand from Thailand launches Ideacolor App in Malaysia

Always wonder what your house would look like with a new coat of colour?

Don’t worry! Ideacolor App by TOA Paint allows you to quickly visualize new colours before you repaint you home. It is fun and easy to use, simply point and click to change the look of your interior and exterior using our specially designed smart photo editing tools in the Ideacolor App itself. Select from our latest TOA Colour Catalogues and TOA Colour Trends for more than 10,000+ colour choices to choose from. You can now visualize your favourite colour even before u paint it.

According to, Mr. Wilson Gan, Country Manager of TOA Paint Products Sdn. Bhd. said, “TOA Paint has always been known for its quality especially in Thailand, and we are proud to share this newly launched Ideacolor App with our Malaysian consumers.”

“For most homeowners who repaint their homes frequently, it’s very difficult to visualize the new colours on the walls by just looking at the hard copy colour catalogues. That is why at TOA Paint we have developed the Ideacolor App where one can just use the Ideacolor App for instant visualization of colours, even non-experts can easily mix and match the colours of their choice to achieve a professional finish.” said Mr. Wilson.

TOA Ideacolor App is free to download at both Google Play Store and App Store and works on both iOS and Android platform. Go ahead and try it out today!

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