TOA Paint Products Malaysia

TOA Paint, the No.1 paint brand from Thailand is now available in HomePro outlets across Malaysia

“Sawadeekhap” means “Hello” in Thai language. It expresses the kindness and hospitality of the Thai people. As many renowned ASEAN brands are expanding their businesses across AEC (ASEAN Economic Community), TOA brand from Thailand also took this perfect opportunity to expand their brand presence into the Malaysian market. In Malaysia, the TOA brand is registered under TOA Paint Products Sdn Bhd a subsidiary of TOA Paint Thailand Co.,Ltd, which is the No.1 paint brand in Thailand and has the largest market share to date in Thailand. Currently TOA Paint Products Sdn Bhd, has 6 main business segments, they are; Decorative Paint, Wood Coating, Construction Chemical, Heavy Duty Coating, Architectural Coating and Hardware Product. Our key brands in the decorative paint segment consists of Supershield, NanoShield, NanoClean, 4Seasons, ADVANCECote, Supertech, TOA Glipton High Gloss, Captain Gloss and TOA Roadline paint. Meanwhile our key brands in the wood coating segment consists of WoodStain. For the construction chemical segment our key brands consist of TOA Moisture Guard, TOA D-Cote, TOA Acrylic Filler and TOA Micro Kill. Under the heavy-duty coating segment, our key brand consists of Heavyguard Epoguard Enamel and Captain Red Oxide Primer. Under the architectural coating segment, our key brand consists of TOA Majestic Gold. Lastly, for our hardware product segment, our key brands are TOA Spray, Win Spray and Captain Sandpaper. In line with HomePro’s Mutiara Damansara outlet grand launch recently, TOA Paint also took the opportunity to introduced our new TOA Paint Interior & Exterior Colour Guide catalogue. This new catalogue offers customers a rich palette comprising of bright and vivid colours with silky or matt finish at best value, while still adhering to the high-quality standards synonymous with the TOA Paint brand. According to, Mr. Wilson Gan, Country Manager of TOA Paint Products Sdn. Bhd. said, “TOA Paint has always been known for its quality especially in Thailand, and we are proud to share this key attribute with the Malaysian consumers.” “For most homeowners who repaint their homes frequently, TOA Paint is not only great in value but also eases the painting process by offering a start to finish product range from surface preparation chemicals to sealers/ primers and lastly to the topcoat paint itself. With these high-quality product range effectively covering the surface; providing long-lasting protection and has all the essential paint features and quality to make a home a visual delight. Now, with TOA Paint, even non-experts can easily achieve a professional finish.” said Mr. Wilson. To be environmentally friendly and be more sustainable, TOA Paint has prioritized the “Green Policy” as our No.1 policy since 1964. TOA Paint brands such as SuperShield, NanoShield, NanoClean, 4Seasons, ADVANCECote are Green Label certified and is low in VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and of low odour. TOA Paint is always on the look-out for new ideas and innovation to expands its range of sustainable products that meets the needs of today’s consumers while preserving the environment. TOA Paint is available at selected local hardware retail outlets and HomePro retail outlets across Malaysia. Most of the TOA decorative paints are available in 1 liter, 5 liter and 15 liter pack sizes and in both ready-mix and machine mixed colours, customers can look forward to an abundance of decorative possibilities to beautify their homes with TOA Paint.
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