Win Spray

WIN Aerosol Lacquer is formulated on the nitrocellulose and acrylic resin to give the best available aerosol product. It is quick drying high gloss, and with excellent adhesion on both metal and wood. It is available in 400 C.C. Tins

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Intended use:


Construction methods

  • 1. Clean surface: thoroughly to be free from rust, dirt and grease.
  • 2. Shake: can thoroughly 2 minutes before using and shake periodically during spray .
  • 3. Spray: from a distance of about 1 foot from the article to be sprayed. Press spray-headwith the index finger and keep can in motion from side to side so that coating is deposited evenly on the surface. Do not permit to build up too heavy in a single coat. For better result, allow at least10 munites for each intercoat interval
  • 4. After Spray: turn can upsibe down abd press spray- head to clean the spray nozzle

Construction Guide

Recommended paint system

It is most versatile and handy for multi - perpose application, such as motor cycle, old table, chair, nursery furniture, playpen, toys shipping marks, steel chairs, bicycles, electric fan, lamp, etc.

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