TOA NANOCLEAN is specially formulated with "Protective Hybrid Technology" from Germany. The paint particles consist of Nano Fluorocarbon and Nano Silver (Ag+), which makes the paint smooth and resistant to bacteria (tested with 5 common bacteria). Moreover, stains attached to the surface of the paint can be easily cleaned without damaging the surface.

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Intended use:

Ideally for interior concretes, new and old masonry surfaces, plasters, bricks, asbestos shingles and sidings. Highly recommended for children room, hospital, kindergarten, restaurant and hallway, etc.


  • Dry to Touch: 20-30 mins, depending on ambient temperature
  • Dry to Overcoat: 1 - 2 hours (maximum indefinite)
  • Spreading Rate: 8 – 10 m2 / Litre
  • Color: Refer to catalogue and TOA fan deck

Construction methods

  • Application methods: Brush, roller or spray gun
  • Mixing Ratio (by volume): The paint is ready for use after thorough stirring
  • For sealing: new or bare surface thin up to 10% with clean water, Thinner / Cleaner Clean Water

Construction Guide

Recommended paint system

Substrate Sealer (1coat) Finishing Coat (2 coats)
New and Bare Surfaces Wallsila 800 / Wallsila 900 NANOCLEAN
Previously Painted Surfaces Wallsila 800 / Wallsila 900 NANOCLEAN

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