Moisture Guard

TOA Moisture Guard is a special primer made from silane siloxane that can penetrate into surface easily. It is developed to protect moisture from rising damp that can cause peeling, fading and efflorescence problems. This product is effective on both alkaline and neutral substrate.

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Intended use:

TOA Moisture Guard is used as a primer to protect moisture from underground ie. wall areas adjacent to the ground, concrete floor that is directly joining the ground or from watering the plants causing moisture on the wall.


  • Usage Rate: 30 to 35 sq.m.per 5 ltr
  • Color: White milky liquid

Construction methods

  • Apply TOA Moisture Guard: copiously by using brush, roller or spray 1 time ( until surface is saturated ) and leave it dry for 3 - 4 hrs
  • Apply TOA Alkali Resisting Primer: 1 time for new surface. In case of old surface apply old contact primer in order to strengthen adhesion
  • Top coating with decorative paint: 2 times

Construction Guide

Recommended paint system

Substrate must be sound, free of loose or weak particles, dust and dirt. Oil and wax containing layers, as well as laitance must be completely removed. 
In case of mold and algae, brush and clean with TOA 113 Microkill then leave dry before applying with TOA Moisture Guard.

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