TOA 113 Microkill is a special chemical agent used for killing mildew and algae. Effective to the roots, protects the wall longer than other fungus killing agent. It does not smell bad and environmental friendly.

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Intended use:

TOA 113 Microkill is used to new or old substrate which contaminated with moulds, algae, and fungi. It can be used for interior or exterior of material ie. brick, concrete, washed sand and natural stone.


  • Usage Rate: 1 gallon ( 5 ltr.) per 30 sq.m.( depends on porous of substrates )
  • Color: Colorless liquid

Construction methods

  • Substrate: must be sound, free of loose or weak particles, dust and dirt
  • Oil and wax containing layers, as well as laitance: must be completely removed
  • In case of mold and algae: brush and clean with clean water then leave to dry for at least 24 hrs

Construction Guide

Recommended paint system

- Apply TOA 113 Microkill copiously by using brush or roller then leave to dry for
 at least 3 hrs. without rinsing. 
- Paint in accordance with specified painting system.

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