Acrylic Filler

TOA Acrylic Filler is an acrylic used for filling small cracks on plastered wall, nail holes, and gypsum seams. It can well adhere to many types of substrate such as concrete, tiles, gypsum, plaster cement and wood. 

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Intended use:

TOA Acrylic Filler is mainly used to repair : - Hairline cracks on concrete wall - Door and window frames - Air-bubbles


  • Usage Rate: Depending on the surface and the amount of cracking
  • Color: White paste

Construction methods

  • Apply TOA Acrylic Filler: on hairline cracks and leave to dry
  • Before paint: Sand with sandpaper and remove dust before paint

Construction Guide

Recommended paint system

- TOA Acrylic Filler must be closed tightly after using.
- Do not use TOA Acrylic Filler while raining.
- Not suitable for use with the movement structure.
- Wash all tools immediately after use with water

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