TOA Paint Products Sdn. Bhd. belongs to TOA Paint Group, the No.1 paint brand in Thailand. With more than 50 years experience, TOA paint is the leading paint manufacturer in Southeast Asia. On our way to success, we look forward to working with you - experienced, talented people to work together to create an ideal working environment, contribute more to the general development of the company.



Why should you choose TOA?

Company Reputation

  • #1Paint Group & cover 50% market share of Thailand - the leader in Southeast Asia.
  • High-end products with the most advanced technology.

Welfare benefits

  • Year-end bonus under KPI & continual salary increase by capacity.
  • Accident insurance 24/24.
  • Teambuilding.

Development opportunities

  • Well trained.
  • Clear career development plan, good and fast by ability.
  • Big work scales, making a powerful contribution to the company.

Leadership team

  • Team leaders are good and have heart.
  • Have a clear vision & strategy.
  • Favorable development & empowerment of employees.
  • Ability to unite & link departments.



Quality of work & life

  • Work is flexible.
  • The workload balance, stable, to work on time.
  • Sustainable work.
  • Good support team.

Cultural values

  • Customer is number one.
  • Always change, update to grow.
  • Passion, enthusiasm at work.
  • Fair & respect.
  • Recognition, reward worthy.
  • Good team spirit.
  • Collective fun, friendly.
  • Share expertise, perform the best job.
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