WoodStain Gloss

TOA WOODSTAIN is a specially formulated Urethane Alkyd base high gloss enamel finish for protection of wooden surface. It has good water resistance, UV protection, anti fungus. It is fast dry and recoatable easily.

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Intended use:

WOODSTAIN is suitable for use both interior and exterior where maintaining the texture of wood is desired.


  • Dry to Touch: 30 mins., depending on ambient temperature
  • Dry to Overcoat: 3 - 4 hours
  • Theoretical Spreading Rate: 10 – 12 m2 / Litre
  • Color: Refer to catalogue and TOA fan deck

Construction methods

  • Application methods: Soft hair brush painting
  • Mixing Ratio (by volume): The paint is ready for use after thorough stirring, Thinner / Cleaner
  • Color: White Spirit

Construction Guide

Recommended paint system

Substrate Primer (1coat) Undercoat (1 coat) Finishing Coat (2-3 coats)
Wood - - TOA Woodstain

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