The best 15 design tips to choose perfect paint color for your house

1. Choosing one color or any color

To choose a color for the interior is not easy but it's also not hard! The suggestions for the perfect palette explain the color rules that designers follow and use to put any color into your home.

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2. Make a color plan for the largest color in the room

If you own beautiful interior, colorful carpet or large art works, you can choose a favorite color from the above. To have a neutral color for walls, you can choose white or beige color for your interior.

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3. Decorated from Dark to Light and vertical

There is an amazing formula to make each space look gorgeous without too much risk, affirmed by designer Mark McClauley, we should use dark colors for the floor, neutral colors for walls and bright colors for the ceiling. "All the spaces in the house reflect the colors of the real world," he said. "The outer space is usually dark at our feet, the neutral color if we look straight (trees, buildings) and brighter when looking at the sky."

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4. Start with the formal areas of your home

Especially living room, dining room and entrance. Select color palettes for these areas first, then pick out individual colors from this palette. For example, choose a red sofa and turn it into a paint for the wall (possibly purple watercolor) as the main theme for more private spaces such as bedrooms, study rooms.

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5. Color Wheel

The homologous colors on the palette - side by side colors on the color wheel, such as blue and green - are often casual and relaxing, and are best suited for private, non-ritual spaces. . This is a good choice for bedrooms, when you want to rest and relax.

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6. Get ideas from your clothing colors

Most people buy clothes with the colors they like and feel suitable. Similarly, you should choose the color you feel interested in your room. If you like denim (jeans), consider a navy blue sofa or if you like the vibrancy of yellow, you can choose indoor paint with citrus fruits (orange, lemon) with pillows or the same color decorations.

7. Back to black

Designer Mark McClauley recommends adding a little black to each room. "The black patches help highlight other colors in the room," he said. To create a small effect, black chandeliers or vases can be used; To create a bigger effect, paint your whole kitchen in dark black.

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8. Come with gray

Bring the most common neutral colors of today, gray, into your room. The compatibility of the interior gray paint allows the colors to display either warm or cold and combine perfectly with both light colors and deep colors such as hot pink, Kelly green or yellowish fruit patches.

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9. Rule 60 – 30 - 10

"When decorating a space, divide the color into 60% of the main color (wall), 30% of the second color (mattress) and 10% of the primary color (ornament)" suggested by designer Mark McCauley. "Always effective, this ratio ensures that the paint colors are balanced and sufficient to create an enjoyable experience."

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10. Making interest for small room

If you have small rooms in your home, do not paint it with white just to make it bigger. Instead, increase the temptation for it with the look-in-me colors. Let the big rooms fill with light and the little rooms that cover you.

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11. Contrast between hot and cold

Designer Brian Dittmar proves neutral watercolors have never been boring in a luxurious bedroom that mixes cold gray and warm honey. While the overall tone is resting, the two-tone contrast creates a slight tension that awakens the master in this sleepy space.

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12. Based on the duo eternal paint colors

Always luxurious, white and black is a power duo that never gets old. Here designer Tobi Fairley pointed out that with these two colors, supported by a little gold, is all you need to create a fascinating color story.

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13. Make monochromatic colors special

Make your favorite color special by adding small, like the bathroom, to the painted interior. Here, designer Judith Balis creates a fun bath with a mix of colors with typical Kelly blue. Balanced with walls and doors, harmonious color palette is really eye-catching but not too strong.

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14. Follow the rules of No. 3

Limiting your palette to 3 is a wise tactic in many cases. In this cheerful bedroom, sunny yellow plates, navy blue and grass green create a fresh, refreshing and always trendy feel.

 15. Show your personality

If you decorate with sincerity, people will cherish it because it is you, even if they will never decorate their home like that. That means if you want to make every room red, white and blue, just do it. You can make every color of the watercolor look good as long as it matches your personality.

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