Impressive and beautiful color combinations

A home with beautiful paintings does not merely express the personality and features of the house, but at the same time demonstrates their superior aesthetic qualities. In addition, beautiful house paint color contributes to the comfort and comfort of family members when living in the same house. However, the color scheme for the house is not as simple as many people think because it requires a lot of complex techniques and rules of color. For example, how to paint the house color so that the house looks spacious and cool, or how to mix hot and cold colors together so that the house becomes harmonious and delicate.

Let TOA learn about how to mix paint with two hot-cold colors how to make the house more beautiful and harmonious through the following article.

1. How to mix paint with hot colors

When it comes to hot tones, we often think of energetic and warm, close, because the main colors that make up this color are red, yellow and orange. However, hot colors are easy to create a cramped and burly feeling for the home, so architects often do not encourage the mixing of these colors in the same space. It is best to combine this color tone with other neutral colors to create a harmony or just a few small dots to create a focal point. Here are some suggestions when combining paint colors with 3 red, orange and yellow tones in a most reasonable way to bring sophistication to every living space in the house:

- Red: This is the color that is thought to bring fortune and lucky for homeowners, so often used by many families. However, red color is quite shining color so it is only suitable to use wall paint for the living room and to soothe the warmth of this color, the home can be combined with accessories such as curtains, Wooden cabinet ... with bright colors.

- Orange: In warm tones, orange is considered to be the brightest and most dynamic. Therefore, homeowners can use dark orange for the living room to create highlights or lighter colors when used in the living room.

- Yellow: If the red color brings luck, the orange color is cheerful, the yellow color represents the luxury and symbolizes wealth, prosperity. Therefore, yellow is often used to decorate the living room, dining room or bedroom are extremely suitable.

Phối màu sơn nhà đẹp

2. How to mix paint house with cool tone

Contrasted with the brilliance of the hot colors, cold tones show freshness, lightness as well as feel close to nature. Maybe so, that cold colors like green, blue or turquoise are often used to paint the floor. However, not because of the coolness of the cold colors we can use these colors at will. The color of the house with cold tone should also note the following:

- For blue: The combination of blue color with different colors will show each style is very different because it is the color mix between modern and classic. For example, when mixing light blue with white or silver, the space of the house becomes subtle and modern. In contrast, when mixed with this mint green color, the house becomes softer, more classic. Therefore, depending on the style of each person that can choose how to paint the paint accordingly.

- For green: This color will surely show freshness and nature, so this color is often combined with yellow or white to make the house vibrant and full of vitality. . In addition, the addition of wooden furniture and accessories is a good suggestion for homes using this color scheme.

- For jade color: turquoise is a blend of blue and green colors, which can be easily combined with a variety of interior colors. This color will bring a new feeling, fresh and fresh for the living space of the house. Therefore, for those who like fancy but still bring the subtle, turquoise sure to be the perfect choice.

Phối màu sơn nhà đẹp

Hopefully with the sharing of colors on this beautiful house, each owner will be easy to choose a tone that fits the personality as well as make a difference to his house.

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