Select the color for the living room

1. By purpose

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Because our country is a tropical humid, hot weather all year round, so when choosing the color we need to choose light colors, pleasant colors avoid the room to make it hotter. .

If the owner wants a living room in modern style, then choose purple color for the living room. Apart from luxury, sophistication, it also brings the feeling of wealth, success.

If your living room space is narrow then choose fresh, youthful colors like milk white, light blue, light yellow. They will feel open, cool for your room.

Beautiful living room paint with light orange, brass oranges have the effect of calming the senses when you return and rest, relax in the living room. In addition, it also connects love creates warm air, happy family. Orange is suitable for common living spaces such as living rooms.

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2. Feng shui

Beside beautiful elements, color painting needs attention Feng Shui elements. According to folklore, layout as well as color affect the luck as well as the work of the family. Therefore, if you choose the paint color is just beautiful feng shui will make the room more lively and create a lot of good money for homeowners.

Paint color according to Feng Shui should be based on factors:

The color of the living room must match with the owner of the house. For example, the owner was born in 1969, so when choosing the color of the paint should avoid the color of the green board, so choose the color as gray, yellow.

The meaning of paint colors is also very important. Black is the forbidden color in the living room paint because black in addition to high heat absorption, black also brings bad luck to the owner of the house. Should choose white to paint the ceiling because white represents the sand wall, red is the color of power, passionate passion while green will support the money, yellow is wealth and blue water Create a good family.

3. Furniture

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To paint beautiful living room, it is necessary to adhere to the interior decoration elements in the room, pay attention to the architectural details of the house. Homeowners should rely on overall research and related factors that choose a paint for the living room, which is the most used color, then can use other colors to paint the living room and beautiful. Decorate furniture in the room as the sofa in harmony with the main color. Guest rooms in condominiums tend to be simple, sophisticated, not sophisticated designs. With such rooms neutral colors will be the perfect choice. The owner will then arrange interior decorations such as crystal chandeliers to enhance the modern look of the room. According to the survey, white is often chosen to paint the living room the most because it can easily be combined with other paint colors as well as the color of the interior decoration in the room.

We should also note some things should when choosing paint colors for the living room as the harmonious combination and rational paint colors together to paint beautiful living room. For example, do not paint the living room in many shades of color, contrasting each other will create a feeling of confusion. If painting a living room in a color can be boring, you should hit the strong colors in the wall hanging pictures or where the TV will be impressive. If the favorite color of the owner is the opposite of the good color of the par should harmonize with each other so that the living room not only beautiful, bring comfort but also develop the family's financial.

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