3 color are becoming the trends in house decoration in 2017

1. Green

Green is one of the brightest and most vitality colors in the palette. It helps us to feel nature and natural energy sources and a healthy lifestyle. In fact, many homes use green in the decor as adding to the pots of green trees.

gam màu đẹp

 Decorate your home with green to feel the freshness

gam màu xanh lá

 Green has been voted to become the color of the year (2017)

The easiest way for you to decorate your home in green is to paint a blue room, a wall, or if your home does not have enough space you can add a pillow or a pot tree. These simple ways will make your home more attractive than ever.

2. Beige grey color

gam màu be xám thông dụng

Some popular beige grey colors

Gray beige is a new color gamut applied today, to show luxury, sophistication, suitable for the owner of the elegant. This color scheme is also popular because of its neutrality. If you love gray beige, then choose right, because in the future this color will be never outdated.

sự kết hợp gam màu be xám với các màu khác

Gray beige with the hot colors are also very harmonious indeed

3. The color of the jade

Last but not least, the color of the jade. The color of jade is very diverse, showing deep and charming. Contrast with neutral color trends such as beige, pearl tones put freshness, relax on top.

gam màu ngọc sang trọng

gam màu ngọc sang trọng

The luxurious jade color, combined with the accessories, will make a perfect overview of our home

Do you want to catch up on these color trends without having to edit the room too much? It's easy, you just have to change a bit of color like repainting a wall, adding something to have a new style for yourself.

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