20 Awesome Green Room Ideas

From phychological perspective, The color Green relaxes and balances both mentally and physically since green connects and symbolizes nature.

And here are 20 Awesome Green Room Ideas!

Lime green or Yellownish Green. New and refreshing just like young leaves. The bright green links to love, hope, energy, growth, enthusiasm, and initiative. This type of green fits perfectly well with retail stores or work space, or any places that needs creativity.

Pastel shades of green such as Apple green are tend to appeal to everyone at every life stage. These greens also work very well in the baby room that don't want to be gender specific. Apple green refers to forword movement and prosperity.

Green leaves. The color that refers to rain forest in many dimensions and perceptions.These colors link to balance, harmony, abundance, reliability and faith also fullfill your mind. Suit to living room and bedroom that yearn for nature feel.


Blue-greens, neutral green that reminds us of the winter forest in the mist.The colors link to relax, stability of mind. Recommend to use in the room that needs peace and relax such as Bedroom. If put the color on the workspace will makes you have more concentration and decisiveness.

Mint green, Jade green. In china Jade green represents honor and beauty and also belives that Jade will absorb negative energy from body and home. The Japanese consider green the color of longevity. These colors are not overpowering so it fits well in any space in your home.


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