Design open space for housing

Open space for housing is becoming the perfect choice for those who love freedom and privacy. An open space that brings a closeness to nature creates a pleasant feeling for those who are in that space.

Open space is created through the design language of the buildings as well as the way of organizing urban space planning. In addition, open space is also expressed through factors such as people, social environment, facilities, economic conditions ...

Open space is not only applied outside the house but also in interior design. It includes walkways, partitions, or items arranged in the home to maximize space and look at the surrounding environment.

With homes in warmer climates, open spaces are designed with open spaces to maximize the fresh, airy environment. While in cold houses, the design is self contained to keep warm air in the home.

Here, we will explore some of the popular open-space housing models available today.

Không gian mở cho nhà ở

In the process of developing today, borrowing space for your home helps to make your house look more spacious. The designers will cleverly help you expand the area of the house. At the same time bright interior light will help your home overwhelmed natural air.

The combination of living room, wood table and open space creates a luxury for your home. The area of the house seems to be significantly increased when the house is not confined by four hard walls.

không gian mở cho nhà ở

In the design of open space, furniture must be arranged in a reasonable way, with the idea of creating a sense of spaciousness for the house. In addition, the main open space of the house is made up of large pieces of glass to take advantage of the light source and the outside scene.

But these designs are only for larger homes, often just villas or suburban homes close to nature and large in size. If you are capable and able to create such space, make sure that people will admire and enjoy.

không gian mở cho nhà ở

Other spaces in the home should also be designed in a collective style. Therefore, design steps need to be taken into account in the use of light sources, energy savings as well as external noise treatment.


không gian mở cho nhà ở

One of the types of homes with open spaces is  popular today. With direct access to nature and the room completely illuminated by sunlight will give us a warm feeling that is always fresh. Uniformly decorated wooden furniture adds to the naturalness and elegance of the home.

không gian mở cho nhà ở

In addition, open spaces are not only applicable to larger homes, but are also suitable for small spaces as this type of home also increases the overall feeling of the home. Above is a mix of living room, dining room and kitchen but still feels spacious and comfortable. By cleverly combining open space, we can easily increase the perception of the home area.

By combining open space as well as paint and furniture into the home, we can create a living space where we can find peace and comfort with it. Let the Toa build a dream home.

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