Decorate your bedroom with the most trendy styles in 2017

Classical style - why not?

Not too young, too nostalgic - it's a harmonious combination of neo-classical style. The characteristics of these bedrooms are gentle, delicate, express the elegance of the owner of the room but equally modern.

phòng ngủ phong cách cổ điển

Màu sơn phòng ngủ tân cổ điển thường là những gam màu ấm hoặc trung tính như trắng, bạc, xám, nâu, vàng đồng,…

phòng ngủ phong cách tân cổ điển

phòng ngủ phong cách tân cổ điển

phòng ngủ phong cách tân cổ điển

The highlight of the neoclassical room is the layout of furniture. In general, these furniture are extremely luxurious design, meticulous and aesthetic. And often the bedroom paint will have the same tone with other furniture in the room.

A half painted wall style

Far away, the monochromatic wall paint, the secret trend of painting this beautiful bedroom this year is to paint half a wall.

phong cách sơn tường một nửa

Most people usually paint two contrasting wall colors, especially the light color above, the dark color below. This not only creates the attraction for the wall, but also creates the illusion of airy rooms and higher ceilings.

 phong cách phòng ngủ sơn tường một nửa

phòng ngủ phong cách sơn tường một nửa

No longer a monotonous wall, with two colors of paint, you can make the way for your own space. You can even paint two colors vertically, or paint them into two pieces of wall to make the wall more vivid and impossible to take your eyes off.

phòng ngủ với phong cách sơn tường một nửa cực hot

phòng ngủ với phong cách sơn tường một nửa cực hot

phòng ngủ phong cách màu sắc

Simple design style (Scandinavian)

Scandinavian style bedroom paint is usually black, white and gray. White has the effect of creating a sense of well-being, releasing stress and increasing the space of the room. The black, gray to add points to help accentuate, increasing the depth of the room.

phòng ngủ phong cách đơn giản

So what to do to attract? You can put in a simple bedroom of this kind a potted plant, some pictures or carpet. Furniture is often not displayed too much, sometimes just a hanging hook, a bookshelf. Because of the Scandinavian style of the North, everything must be extremely simple to ensure the most comfortable resting space.

phòng ngủ phong cách đơn giản

Colorful bedroom space

In contrast to simple style, the bedroom with brilliant contrasting colors is a good way to live life more lively, full of vitality.

Often with multi-colored bedrooms, you can choose the color of your choice without having to follow any rules. Here are some suggestions for you:

phong cách phòng ngủ đa sắc màu

Blue gives you a relaxed, peaceful look

phong cách phòng ngủ đa sắc màu

Green helps the room to be covered with breathtaking nature.

phong cách phòng ngủ đa sắc màu

Orange adds youthful, dynamic

phong cách phòng ngủ đa sắc màu

Yellow brings feelings from playful to gentle, gentle ...

In addition to painting the bedroom, you can create a spot for the room with other items such as bookcases, paintings, curtains, bed sheets, ... The bright colors mixed together in the room will bring New, lively and attractive features for the room.

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