How to design a beautiful kitchen space

The kitchen is not the main space in the house, but the kitchen is a very important place. As a place to create attractive dishes, it is also a place that contributes to connecting family feelings more. Therefore, creating a nice kitchen space is very necessary.

A perfect kitchen space or kitchen cabinets are beautiful when you know how to decorate, interior design makes it no longer afraid of lack of harmony or too hard. There are many ways to make your highlight kitchen cabinets, make a mark at first sight and help the kitchen space is not boring, but also shimmering and beautiful. When choosing a product you can ask the builder whatever he or she wants to get the product you are looking for.

Right in set up lights

With the setting up and placement of the spotlight is not simply providing light but it also gives space beauty, sophistication. If you know how to take advantage of and grasp the appropriate points for the installation of the lamp to be sure to bring unexpected effects to it. The style of the lamp, which must be light, should be selected based on the design and style of both the kitchen cabinet and the home space.

lắp đặt đèn hợp lý cho nhà bếp đẹp

Design flower pots around kitchen cabinets 

Decoration and space make the room even more wonderful when decorating flowers. You can decorate the small flower pots, the flowers are easy to live to beautify the space of your kitchen. If your kitchen has space and window frames, there is nothing more appropriate than a flower pot.

With the flowers you can grow in the kitchen space but still live well: small wild flowers, rock lotus, ... If you do not have time to care or afraid of the environment, not good then can think of flowers Dry as an alternative. Dried lavender flowers, dry roses will definitely make you a space of great artistry.

trang trí chậu hoa cho nhà bếp

How to install a reasonable glass

Whole of the kitchen cabinets made from wood can easily bring to us the boring feeling and heavy in the space, especially the small space house. To solve this problem, we always give the the suggestion that we should use glass cabinets.

With their glass material there are also many other suggestions for you, such as the tile facing

Island table (if any), use glass for pedestal for gas stove, infrared cooker ...

lắp đặt kính hợp lý cho nhà bếp

Using natural light

With the natural light design, if used extensively, it will create great effects when combined with glass, stone, or other surface covering materials. If possible you should design the window frames for the spacious kitchen space and create a more spacious and comfortable feeling.

Taking advantage of natural light also helps you save electricity during the day, can combine with planting trees. However, you should choose the direction of getting sun soon, should be equipped with curtains to avoid causing The phenomenon of dazzling, affecting wood surface or concentration of heat in the home.

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