Decorative shelves for the living room

The living room is one of the main areas of the house. So beautiful living room decoration is also a necessity. If your living room has a large wall, do not stack too many shelves together, it will cause confusion and confusion. Instead, you should find a large shelves that include small shelves and collections.

Wood has a natural beauty and luxury so you are not too fussed in choosing the color of the wood cabinets in the living room. Normally, people choose dark brown or light brown color with very natural wood still retained on the product. Woods form different patterns from different types of wood.

One of the most important steps in decorating the living room is choosing a beautiful and harmonious shelves. In addition to the sofa set, the decorative shelf is also an interior corner to create a great accent for your living room

There are various types of shelves for decorating the living room from large to small, from many drawers to small drawers. You need to know exactly the area and have a clear idea of your furniture preferences to determine the size of the shelf. Use a large shelf to create a partition between the living room and dining room or a small shelf that will fit into the corners of the stairs in your living room.

Here are some beautiful and easy-to-use shelves for your home.

kệ trang trí đẹp cho phòng khách

 A large wooden cabinet with bookcase shelf will make an interesting highlight for your room

kệ trang trí đẹp cho phòng khách

 A shelf design comes with decorative lights that both increase the elegance and sophistication of the home

You should only be able to combine the shelves that are homogeneous to avoid glitzing and poor lighting.

kệ trang trí kết hợp dàn đèn ấn tượng cho phòng khách

TV shelf with decorative shelves in the same collections make the space becomes more luxurious

When choosing shelves placed on the floor, do not use the shelves too high or only use the stand shelves. This can make your living room low and become stuffy, uncomfortable.

kêh trang trí cho phòng khách

 This room uses both vertical and horizontal shelves but with moderate height, does not create unpleasant feeling

TV is considered as an indispensable item for the living room as well as the shelves are equally important. Therefore, you should first choose the size of the room and TV and select the shelves accordingly.

kệ trang trí cho phòng khách

 Decorative shelf and TV size should be suitable for the living room

In addition, if your living room is spacious enough, large TVs are designed to be both versatile TV shelf and shelves as well as a decorative shelf is considered perfect choice for you. .

Stylishly designed, neat and simple, it is a great choice for small living rooms. With the right choice, the bookshelf will be an interesting highlight that makes the room special.

kệ trang trí tạo điểm nhấn cho phòng khách

Wood is one of the best choices for living room decor. Due to its characteristics, so you can easily clean, clean. At the same time with wood, we can trust the safety and health of the whole family.

Besides, do not display too much and dense on the shelf, but instead choose the simplest things to decorate easily on the shelf. When objects are combined in harmony with space will create a high efficiency between function and decoration.

kệ trang trí ấn tượng cho phòng khách

The stones appear delicately in decorating the house

kệ trang trí cho phòng khách

Black objects combined with wood will create a harmony contrast with the opposite that people often think

Living room space is very important. So give this space a sense of closeness, creating where every family member loves.

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