7 trends of outstanding interior design in 2017

The house is not only living space but also the place where express owner’s personality. A beautiful house make our life more lively. Besides, it also helps other people have  a  more special view of you. Let’s take a look with TOA about 7 outstanding design in this year to create a special house.

xu hướng thiết kế nội thất nổi bật

1. Wallpaper

Wallpaper is not a new thing for the people who love the decoration in general and those who are intending to decorate in particular but it still keep its certain interests. Although it is not so unique, wallpaper is still the choice to ensure simplicity, usability and low cost. In addition, the variety of the  models, types and colors are what would be interesting for those who are interested.

Trang trí nội thất với giấy dán tường

2. Accession of green

For expectating, the green will be crowned in this year. Fresh green will make your home overwhelm  with natural air.

màu xanh tươi mát

3. Luxury

Most people love the elegant, quiet and private space. Besides decorating the house more beautiful, do not forget to make your home luxury but not too cumbersome in decoration.

phong cách nôi thất sang trọng

4. Eclectic style

From a loose leads to a new way of breaking out of  the rules of constraining in a stable style. The eclectic style does not follow the previous rules , it is mixed the old and the new, the East and the West, the rhetoric and humility, noisy and quiet ... Blending all styles. This style encourages people to use the elements they love, personal but not too liberal. Freedom in all materials, shapes, combinations but not creating "a mess".

thiết kệ nội thất theo phong cách Chiết trung

5. Leatherette materials are becoming more popular

Leather material is always the most luxurious and warm material for the house. But genuine leather is not a popular material because of cost as well as many people do not like inhumanity when using them. Therefore, faux leather material will be an excellent alternative for those who love leather material. Faux leather material still helps ensure the beauty of the house, the material is also a plenty of models and easy to clean, especially, to save more expense than genuine leather material.

chọn đồ trang trí nội thất với chất liệu da

6. Black and white interior

Black and white seem to be 2 colors which will never be out of date. But the use of only two colors in each part of wall or only one tone will be boring. But to renew these two colors, you can easily mix color or apply carotenoids, borders, etc.

trang trí nội thất với 2 màu trắng đen

7. Smart house

Smart house is becoming be used to in life and will certainly become popular in many years later. The integration of smart technologies into all electric appliances makes safer and more convenient house.

nhà thông minh

A beautiful house and a perfect living space will bring you a colorful life. Let TOA create a dream house!

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