The most beautiful paint colors for your home in 2017

2017 has arrived so now is the time to discuss home decor trends this year.

In terms of composition, the sophisticated colors will take center stage, according to Behr, which is also predicting the colors to follow in 2017. The company split it into three segments. Bright, Dependent and Comfortable - and if there is a prediction I think we will choose water based on our character next year.

Creators who like social activities will be attracted by the Color of Confidence palette, which includes dusky blues, spicy reds, lime greens, and lemon greens. Designed to attract attention. Followed by a harmonious palette, which includes earthy greens and taupes, will be the perfect choice to decorate unconventional for traditional followers. And finally the lighter colors for the Comfortable segment, which are combined by light pinks, blue and yellow to smash the smallest details in space. These translucent colors are the ideal choice for interiorists looking for breakthroughs in mainstream interior paint colors.

We've seen these colors make up the great masterpieces this year so if you wonder what they will look like in your home, try looking through the 9 rooms below. It's easy to see why we love them so much in 2017.

Confidence: Dusky Blues (Dark Blue)

This Hamptons house proves that blue does not always remind us of loneliness. In order to evoke the blue of the ocean, the strip of sea colors is used to strike the high domes of the house.

Similar Colors: Sherwin - Williams' Endless Sea Interior Paint

xanh dương sẫm màu

Self-Confidence: Blue-Green (Green - Green)

The dominant orange color creates a turning point between harmonious green patches. This color combination is perfect when you want to push the drama up the house.

Color choice: Behr interior Jade Dragon paint

xanh dương - xanh lục

Self-confidence: Sunshine Yellow

Paint your floor in yellow is a risk - but do not you feel a lot happier when you walk into it?

The same color: Benjamin Moore's Fiesta Yellow

sắc vàng mặt trời mọc

Mature: Mineral Gray 

What's the best way to bring your traditional hobbies to new heights? You can choose to paint the interior of your room with this dense dark gray color. In this case, the texture of the wall soothes solemn lines.

To look like in the picture: Behr's Paint Shades On

màu sơn xám khoáng thạch

Mature: Blue - Light Green

Combined with black and white, turquoise and blue-and-white decorations, the simple office also becomes fun.

The same color: Sherwin-Williams Bora Bora (Bora Bora Shore)

xanh dương - xanh lục nhạt

Mature: Green Earth and Gray Brown

Choosing brown and gray interior paint creates a calm vibration for the East Hampton summer home.

Similar Colors: (Strong Neutral Tone) The strong nature of Farrow & Ball and (Feathery Blue) Blue Hair is also from Farrow & Ball.

màu sơn xanh đất và xám chấm nâu

Comfortable: Blue Crystal Powder

Desire to make a breakthrough in color? Summer colors - like this blue color - make things subtle and sophisticated when combined with dark wood floors and brass tones.

Same for Sherwin - Willams Blue Shiny Blue Sea Shingle

màu xanh dương tinh thể bột

Comfortable: Pink Pencil

Bring many influences from Hong Kong - the interior color chosen is the most beautiful 2016. This feminine color completely mastered the light in the room.

Similar Colors: Benjamin Moore's Mixed Fruit Paint

màu hồng bút chì màu

Comfortable: Gold Sticking to Dust

The dominant light - like a pale yellow table - powers the light gray wall.

To own the same color: Behr Gold Hearted Gold.

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